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Simple, Easy Top Knot

Simple, Easy Top Knot

The top knot is a super easy style I love for many reasons. Thank God it's trendy, because it's so convenient and versatile! It works not only for the office, but also for everyday, or even a special occasion. I get a lot of questions like, "Oh are you using a sock? Or one of those foam donuts," so I love surprising people when I tell them it's secured only with a bobby pin and a few hair bands!

This is something I naturally discovered just out of convenience, but I wanted to share it with you. Don't be intimidated--this is simple to master but I wrote very detailed steps to walk you through. 

1. Gather your hair into a high ponytail, held in your right hand. 

2. Place your left hand flat on your head in front of your high pony, using it as a brace as you begin with your right hand to pull your high ponytail forward towards the crown of your head, sliding your right hand from the base of your pony further down the tail.

3. As you pull forward with your right hand, begin to wrap the pony around the index and middle finger of your left hand that you are using as a brace.

4. When you have pulled your pony one wrap around the index and middle finger of your left hand, using a relaxed grip, pull your pony back with your two fingers, forming a fist with your left hand and holding the tail of your pony with your right. 

5. Twist your left hand counter-clockwise once, releasing your index and middle finger at the end of the twist so that they're now straight. 

6. Transfer the tip of your pony to your left hand, pinching it between your middle and index finger. 

7. Place your right hand on the top of the knot you have formed, pulling the tip of you pony through with your left hand. You may need to use the thumb of your right hand to assist. 

8. Place your right hand on your head to the right of your knot, inserting your index finger into the center of your knot to hold it in place.

9. Use your left hand to wrap a thick goody hairband two to three times around the base of your knot. 

10. Adjust the knot by twisting it. 

11. Fluff to desired height.

12. Pin any fly-aways as desired.

13. Wear and share as requested:).

Have questions or get stuck somewhere along the way? Let me know!

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