About me...

Here's the thing. I know how to hustle.

I'm the girl who married her college sweetheart right out of school, but flew halfway across the country for an uninvited interview with the company president two days before her wedding. I got that job. I'm the girl who spent four months working two jobs to pay off $19,000 in debt in 15 months after she first got married. The one who moved across the country twice and earned four promotions in three-and-a-half years at the second company she took a job with. Who meticulously tracked every penny for three years and three months to pay off $165,000 in student loans, while also buying her first home, co-founding Acuo CrossFit, raising an overly anxious Weim, working full time, and earning her PMP. 

I know how to gut, grind, and get after it. Through it all, my husband has been my biggest supporter, encourager, and partner. When This Girl is Inspired, you can be damn sure nothing will stop me. 

Seattle area resident since 2011. Formerly of eastern Pennsylvania, now fully committed to the pacific northwest.