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Food Diary: Steamed Broccoli and Milkshakes

Food Diary: Steamed Broccoli and Milkshakes

I know a lot of people think it's totally crazy that I weigh and measure my food to track every gram of carb, fat, and protein I eat. Sometimes even I am over it! But mainly, I'm on it haha! 

What I like about counting macros, or flexible dieting, is that there are no "bad" foods. I can have any food, so long as I am conscious of how much of that food I have. Now, just because I can have anything doesn't mean I should have anything. Obviously, I know my body will run better on clean, whole, minimally processed foods than on packaged goods that can be stored indefinitely on the shelf. But, sometimes you buy a new house and in the first four hours your master bath shower leaks into your garage, and  then your washer hookup leaks too, and then your dryer hookup can't be inserted into the wall, and then you confirm a gas leak, and then you find out you have a mouse infestation AND ALL THE CARBS AND FAT YOU HAVE FOR THE WHOLE DAY ARE GOING TO GIRL SCOUT COOKIES, DAMMIT! So be it if that means egg whites for every other meal.

errrr . . .

Monday looked like this:

Breakfast (Typical): Cereal with milk, 350 cals                                                      
62 Grams Special K Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch                                             2f / 44c / 14p                                        
8 oz Lucerne 2% Fat Milk                                                                                        2.5f / 16c / 11p

Snack (Typical): String cheese and greek yogurt, 180 cals
2 Lucerne Light String Chesee                                                                                5f / 2c / 14p
1 Light and Fit Greek Yogurt                                                                                     0f / 8c / 12p

Lunch: Grilled Pork Tenderloin with steamed broccoli and rice, 433 cals
8 oz Grilled Pork Tenderloin, fat trimmed                                                               5f / 2c / 46p
5.6 oz Steamed Broccoli                                                                                     .4f / 6.4c / 2.7p
100 g White Minute Rice                                                                                  1.2f / 33.6c / 3.2p  

Dinner: Coconut Salted Butterscotch Protein Milkshake, 685 cals
2.2 cups Salted Butterscotch Tillamook Ice Cream                                       22.5f / 47.5c / 7.5p
8 oz. Lucerne 2% Fat Milk                                                                                      2.5f / 16c / 11p
1 level scoop Coconut SFH Fuel Protein Powder                                                  1f / 3.5c / 20p     

I actually blended dinner together to create what I referred to as a "Gainz" bowl ala Mat Fraser in his early CrossFit days;). 

Total: 1,648 cals                                                                                             42.1f / 179c / 141.4p

So yes, my sugar count was high. If I were to have a lot of days like this, I wouldn't be seeing very much fat loss. But, in my opinion, one giant milkshake ONE DAY isn't going to break me. And, it's going to keep me sane. So really, you can thank me.

Coconut Salted Butterscotch Protein Milkshake
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