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The trouble with competition

I'm just going to come out and admit this. I don't enjoy competition. Or maybe, just not one I know I can't win. Until I'm sure that's not a possibility, I'll fight for it tooth and nail, but the minute I know I'm out of the running, my heart just isn't in it anymore.

Over time, I've found the only real competitor I'm willing to gut it out against is myself. This explains my aversion to CrossFit competitions. Very rarely, I make exceptions. This was one of those cases.

Things that Go Unsaid: How to Try CrossFit for the First Time

Nothing made me happier or more excited over Thanksgiving break than to introduce my mom and little sister to CrossFit. After more than three years in the CrossFit community, and nearly that much time as a co-owner, it meant so much to me to share my passion with them! They were incredibly good sports about my making them not only work out on vacation, but also workout by doing CrossFit...four times! Sorry guys:p! Nonetheless, my nearly 60 year old momma of five rocked some seriously impressive squat form, and my little sister really pushed herself on the assault bike! Geez I'm jelly of her long legs! #shortpeopleunite After the week ended, my sister bought a pack of classes to her local area CrossFit gym. DAY. MADE. 

Their experience got me thinking though about how to put someone who has considered CrossFit at ease and help them have an amazing experience their very first time.

What is Flexible Dieting?

Flexible dieting is a way of achieving specific aesthetic and fitness performance goals by determining the amount of calories necessary to sustain your energy on a daily basis, and then adjusting those calories and macronutrients (macros) to your specific goals. 


Let me break that down.