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Things that Go Unsaid: How to Try CrossFit for the First Time

Nothing made me happier or more excited over Thanksgiving break than to introduce my mom and little sister to CrossFit. After more than three years in the CrossFit community, and nearly that much time as a co-owner, it meant so much to me to share my passion with them! They were incredibly good sports about my making them not only work out on vacation, but also workout by doing CrossFit...four times! Sorry guys:p! Nonetheless, my nearly 60 year old momma of five rocked some seriously impressive squat form, and my little sister really pushed herself on the assault bike! Geez I'm jelly of her long legs! #shortpeopleunite After the week ended, my sister bought a pack of classes to her local area CrossFit gym. DAY. MADE. 

Their experience got me thinking though about how to put someone who has considered CrossFit at ease and help them have an amazing experience their very first time.

An Ode to Pie

I am going to give you the recipe for what I call, the pie of my childhood. My mom was a stay-at-home farmer's wife with five children and she Baked. Her. Heart. Out. In addition to loaves of freshly baked and buttered french bread, I came home most days to pies. In high school, my cousin and I would go for a three mile run along our road and without a word, return home and head straight for the drawer. We each pulled out a fork, grabbed a pie, and dug directly into the tin until it was gone. Looking back, thank goodness our metabolisms were fast enough to handle that routine! 

What to Wear | Shades of Grey

Think "monochrome" and you typically think, "safe" and "boring". But this look is all about mixing textures and shades to pull off a monochromatic look that is anything but! The result: a polished, pulled-together look that can go from casual Friday at the office to the street, to a house party. 

A Pilgrimage to Maine

A few weekends ago, the hubs and I spent a whirlwind four days in Maine. Steve's family is originally from there, and we hadn't been back in eight years! As soon as we paid off our loans (another post;), we made it a priority to go back and visit! We arrived via redeye early Friday morning in Boston, where Steve's parents met us on their drive up from Pennsylvania. Then, we headed north!

PNW Getaway | Seabrook, WA

My husband, Steve, and I have been married for over seven years, and this year, we decided to do something a little extra special for our joint birthday month. Past birthdays have gone by with far less fanfare (although just as much sentiment) due to our financial goals (we paid off $165,000 in loans in 39 months--I'll touch on that in another post). So now that we've reached our goal, a little getaway was in order. We happily chose to return to the quaint little town of Seabrook on the Washington coast, and it did not disappoint!

Blueberry Scones

This year's birthday trip to the Washington coast called for a favorite throwback--blueberry lemon scones! One of my best friends turned me on to this recipe by Tyler Florence from Food Network a few years ago and I made them for my husband. For this trip, he made them a special request. I love baking for him, so I was all too happy to oblige:). 

Simple, Easy Top Knot

The top knot is a super easy style I love for many reasons. Thank God it's trendy, because it's so convenient and versatile! It works not only for the office, but also for everyday, or even a special occasion. I get a lot of questions like, "Oh are you using a sock? Or one of those foam donuts," so I love surprising people when I tell them it's secured only with a bobby pin and a few hair bands!

This is thirty

Hi I'm Liz, and I'm thirty.

I've heard so many people say they really freaked out or know they will at thirty. But I don't mind. It's not that I'm not goal oriented, but I never really sat around and thought about what I wanted my life to look like at thirty. I simply pursued what I wanted with all of my heart and energy.

What I can say is that I'm proud of where I am.